The Advanced Control Technology Club 
Workshop on Control Loop Performance Assesment and Benchmarking

To be held at Alstom Power Conversion, Rugby. 15th August 2001

This meeting is free of charge and open to employees from all ACT Club member companies.

NOTE: This meeting has since been held. Some of the presentations are now available on-line (to Club Members only) from our Download Centre, or simply click on the appropriate link in the agenda below.

NOTE: Presentation material downloaded from our web-site should not be incorporated (either in part or in entirety) into other work etc., nor distributed (either in part or in entirety) to third parties, without the express permission of the authors.


The aim of benchmarking is to readily identify those control loops that could yield significant economic and/or quality improvements through re-tuning. This workshop, being kindly hosted by Alstom Power Conversion in Rugby, will introduce this useful subject and will provide a historical perspective and a state of the art overview of new developments. The workshop will begin by describing the original work using minimum variance to assess control loop performance, and will then move on to the more recent and improved methods. The extension of these ideas to condition monitoring, where the onset of possible fault conditions are detected, will also be discussed.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

9.45    Welcome to Alstom, Richard Stephens, Alstom Power Conversion
9.50     Control Loop Benchmarking, Dr. Andy Clegg, ACT Club [227KB]
10.20     Introduction to Controller Performance Assessment and the Economic Benefits which may be achieveable, Mike Grimble, ACT Club [1,330KB]
11.00    TEA/COFFEE
11.15     Case Study Investigation on Utilising Regulatory Loop Controller Benchmarking, Damien Uduehi, University of Strathclyde [688KB]
12.10     ETSU Development Proframme for Benchmarking Tools, Dr. Andy Clegg, ACT Club [111KB]
12.30    LUNCH
1.30    Benchmarking Techniques for Supervisory Systems, Prof. Mike Grimble, ACT Club
2.15     Developments in Software and Algorithms for Benchmarking, Damien Uduehi, University of Strathclyde [382KB]
3.15    TEA/COFFEE
3.30     The Use of Performance Metrics for Condition Monitoring and Optimisation, Prof. Mike Grimble, ACT Club [126KB]
4.00    Round Table Discussion: What Does Industry Want? Alan Munns, ABB Automation
4.20      CLOSE

Additional Information:

The meeting is being held at Alstom Power Conversion, Boughton Road, Rugby. A map showing directions to Alstom is available here.

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