The Advanced Control Technology Club 
"Applying Modern Control Techniques Across Industry" Workshop

Held at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. 23rd October 2002

This meeting is free of charge and open to employees of ACT Club member companies and invited non-Club members.

NOTE: This meeting has since been held. Some of the presentations are now available on-line (to ACT Club members only) from our Download Centre, or simply by clicking on the appropriate link in the agenda below.

NOTE: Presentation material downloaded from our web-site should not be incorporated (either in part or in entirety) into other work etc., nor distributed (either in part or in entirety) to third parties, without the express permission of the authors.


The phrase 'advanced control' encompasses a large number of controller tuning methods and architectures. Over the years, certain techniques have been adopted by specific industries: predictive control in the chemical industry and robust H8 based techniques for the aerospace industry are two examples. However, while the expertise for these techniques resides in a particular industry, the applicability may be much more far-reaching - predictive control of servomechanisms for example.

This event is intended to provide a forum for the cross-fertilisation of ideas and experiences across industrial sectors. This could be a particularly rewarding event for engineers considering the implementation of advanced control.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

9.30       Welcome to the Meeting, Andy Clegg, ACT Club [508KB]
9.45       Road Map of Control Design Methods, Prof. Roger Goodall, University of Loughborough [346KB]
10.25     Practical Robust Low Order Control, Prof. Mike Grimble, University of Strathclyde [464KB]
11.05     TEA/COFFEE
11.20     A Classical Control designer's Perspectives on Modern Control, Nick Brignall, BAE SYSTEMS [1.6MB]
12.00     Non-Linear Automotive Powertrain Control, Tom Shenton, Liverpool University [2.0MB]
12.40     LUNCH
1.30       Linear and Nonlinear Predictive Control, Andrzej Ordys, University of Strathclyde [658KB]
2.10       Application of MPC to Power Plant, Megan Boardman, Innogy [63KB]
2.50       Cross Modal Predictive Control, Florentin Woergoetter, Stirling University
3.30       TEA/COFFEE
3.45       Advances on Stochastic Distribution Control and its Applications in the Paper Industry, Prof. Hong Wang, Dept. of Paper Science, UMIST [632KB]
4.25       Fuzzy Control, Bruce Postlethwaite, University of Strathclyde [1.5MB]
4.55       CLOSE

On-line registration is closed for this event.

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