The Advanced Control Technology Club 
Launch Event for ACT Club Benchmarking Software

Held at Strathclyde University, Glasgow. 10th February 2003

This event is open to employees of ACT Club member companies only. There are a limited number of places, and allocation is on a first come first served basis, so early registration is advised. Each ACT Club member company is allowed a maximum of 3 delegates. This is to allow each Club member to get a fair chance of accessing the event. These places are free of charge to ACT Club member companies.

NOTE: This meeting has since been held. Some of the presentations are now available on-line (to ACT Club members only) from our Download Centre, or simply by clicking on the appropriate link in the agenda below.

NOTE: Presentation material downloaded from our web-site should not be incorporated (either in part or in entirety) into other work etc., nor distributed (either in part or in entirety) to third parties, without the express permission of the authors.


This event will include presentations on the concepts of control loop benchmarking, the algorithms employed, together with tips on how to generate performance metrics from plant data. Practical data sets will be used in the hands-on sessions to allow delegates to become familiar with the algorithms and software. Delegates can also bring their own plant data along to the event so that they can be benchmarked. Licensed copies of this standalone software will be available for delegates to take away.

The agenda for is as follows:

10.00      Coffee and Registration
10.30      Welcome to the Launch Event [493KB]
                   Mike Grimble, ACT Club
10.50      Benchmarking as an Aid to Identifying Under-Performing Control Loops [210KB]
                   Andy Clegg, ACT Club
11.30    Tea/Coffee
11.45    The Theory of MV, GMV and RS-LQG Benchmarking [291KB]
                   Andrzej Ordys/Damien Uduehi/Pawel Majecki, University of Strathclyde
12.45    Lunch
1.45      Walkthrough of PROBE Benchmarking Tool [480KB]
                   Andy Clegg, ACT Club
2.15      Hands-on with PROBE
                   Andy Clegg/Xiaohong Guan, ACT Club Damien Uduehi/Pawel Majecki, University of Strathclyde
3.00      Tea/Coffee
3.15      Practical Issues of benchmarking [110KB]
                   Andy Clegg, ACT Club
3.45      Future Benchmarking Research Areas: PAM and EPSRC Projects [718KB]
                   Mike Grimble/Andrzej Ordys/Hao Xia, University of Strathclyde
4.15      Close

On-line registration is closed for this event.

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