ACT Club Event supported by The Carbon Trust in Scotland

"Profiting from Improved Efficiency in the
Process Industries"

BP, Grangemouth. 21st October 2003


NOTE: This meeting has since been held. Some of the presentations are now available on-line (to ACT Club members only) from our Download Centre, or simply by clicking on the appropriate link in the agenda below.

NOTE: Presentation material downloaded from our web-site should not be incorporated (either in part or in entirety) into other work etc., nor distributed (either in part or in entirety) to third parties, without the express permission of the authors.


Energy saving is often regarded as a secondary driver for the use of good process control. Nevertheless it often goes hand-in-hand with improvements that are viewed as being more important for the bottom line, such as increased yield, more consistent quality, reduced re-work, reduced emissions/effluent, fewer abnormal events etc.. However, the Climate Change Levy (CCL) has dramatically altered the priority of energy saving, and it has now become crucial it its own right. This event focuses on Case Studies showing improvements in energy efficiency in the process industries through the application of process control and related technologies.

Irrespective of your company size, the event will be beneficial. The technologies are as relevant to SMEs as they are to multinationals. The event also provides opportunities for networking, both during the lunch and after the presentations.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows: NEW!! You can now see abstracts for presentations (where available), simply point your mouse at the link.

9.30 Welcome, Professor Mike Grimble (ACT Club)
9.45 Moving to a Low Carbon Future, John Stocks (Carbon Trust)
10.20 How Lean Manufacturing Concepts Might Improve Efficiency in Utilities, Dave Rogers (Kodak)
10.55 TEA / COFFEE
11.15 [Abstract] Minimising Variability with Plant Performance Audits - A Wise Investment, Mark Lees and Colin Smith (Emerson Process)
11.50 Real Savings made in a Recent Major Process Application using Fieldbus Technology, Irwin Hodgkiss (Burkert Fluid Control Systems) and Patrick Heaton (Z-Tech)
12.25 LUNCH
1.25 Improving Efficiency in Process Manufacturing through Finite Capacity Scheduling, Alan Mason (AJM Consulting)
2.00 [Abstract] Optimiser gets the best out of Utilities, Stephanie Hanko (BP Grangemouth)
2.55 Multi-Unit Dynamic Co-ordination with Profit Optimiser, Klas Dahlgren (Honeywell Hi-Spec Solutions)
3.30 Research into Improving Energy Efficiency at Strathclyde University:
4.20 CLOSE

On-line registration is closed for this event.

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