The Applied Control Technology Consortium 
ACTC Steering Group Meeting No. 27

To be held at Ross Priory, Loch Lomond. 4th April 2006

This meeting is open to Steering Group Members and other invited ACTC members only.

NOTE: This meeting has since been held.


The Steering Group is the body responsible for ensuring that the ACTC continues to deliver the range and quality of services demanded by ACTC members. Although the Steering Group meeting is only open to Steering Group members, we would be delighted to have some new faces attend the meeting to experience and contribute to the discussions. Further, all ACTC members are invited to forward their thoughts and comments on the future direction of the ACTC.

This, the 27th Steering Group meeting, will again be held at Ross Priory, Loch Lomond, starting at 1pm and finishing at 5pm. An evening dinner has again been arranged for those Steering Group members staying on. Please also note that we are holding a 2-day Workshop on "Nonlinear Control Design for Industrial Applications" in Glasgow following this meeting.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1.00pm   Registration and Coffee
1.30pm   Welcome and Outline of the Meeting, Mike Grimble
1.35pm   Apologies for Absence, Andy Clegg
1.40pm   Approval of Minutes of Meeting No.26, Matt MacDonald (Chairman)
1.45pm   Review of Actions from Meeting No.26, Matt MacDonald (Chairman)
2.00pm   Report on ACTC Programme Activities and Deliverables, Andy Clegg
              * General Activities - Meetings and Scheduled Training
              * General Activities - Reports and Software
              * Member Specific Activities - Training
              * Member Specific Activities - Case Studies and Consultancy
              * Member Renewals and Prospects
              * Management and Administration
              * Financials
3.15pm   Views from ACTC Members on Progress and Direction, All
3.25pm   Any Other Business, All
3.30pm   ACTC Chairman Closing Remarks, Matt MacDonald (Chairman)
3.35pm   Coffee
3.50pm     Industrial Control Centre Research Programmes Progress, Mike Grimble
4.20pm     Senior Researchers Views of the Future, Prof Bill Leithhead, Dr Reza Katebi, Dr Andrzej Ordys, Dr Leonardo Giovanni, Dr Hao Xia, Dr Jonas Balderud & others.
4.40pm     Industrial Perspective on what the Department Should Provide, Round Table Discussion
5.00pm     A Whiskey and Thank You to Industrial Supporters
5.15pm     Walk Around Ross Priory Gardens or Relax in the Lounge
6.30pm     Dinner