Applied Control Technology Consortium (ACTC)

ACTC Meeting:
"Managing Alarms & Abnormal Situations in the Process Industries"

13th July 2006, Stallingborough, nr Grimsby


This meeting has since been held. Some of the presentations may now be available on-line from our Download Centre (for ACTC members only) or by clicking on the appropriate link in the agenda below. Presentation material downloaded from our web-site should not be incorporated (either in part or in entirety) into other work etc., nor distributed (either in part or in entirety) to third parties, without the express permission of the authors. Copyright remains with the author or any specifically named body.

Meeting Description and Agenda

Recent incidents at Terra Nitrogen in Billingham and the Buncefield Oil Depot have highlighted the continued need for the prevention and containment of accidents and emergencies within our process industries. This meeting will demonstrate what is being done by both process industry vendors and end-users to minimise any abnormal situations. Plant systems, such as process control and monitoring systems, alarm and operator advisory systems and emergency shut-down systems, all need to function correctly and work together to make any response to a crisis situation as effective as possible.

Topics covered will include:

  • Process Alarm Management
  • Operator Advisory Systems
  • Emergency Shut-Down Systems
  • Hazard Identification and Prevention
  • Abnormal Situation Management

Damage at the Texas City Oil Refinery

GEM Crisis Containment System

As with all ACTC events open discussions will be encouraged to provide all delegates with an appreciation of obstacles and benefits of these technologies and the latest thinking in this important field


09:30 Welcome, Prof. Mike Grimble, Applied Control Technology Consortium [1052KB]
09:45 [Abstract] Alarms and Abnormal Situation Management, Peter Andow, Honeywell Advanced Solutions [1526KB]
10:30 Alarm Management. The Total Approach, Don Boylen, Total Oil Refinery, Immingham [328KB]
11:00 TEA / COFFEE
11:20 [Abstract] Why does this happen?, Alan Mason, AJM Consulting [896KB]
11:55 GEM - Routine Operational Management & Crisis Containment System, Relik Shafir, 4DM-Technologies [1713KB]. A White Paper is also available.
12:40 LUNCH
13:40 [Abstract] Abnormal Situation Prevention, Nick Taylor, Emerson Process Management [3521KB]
14:15 Safety and Performance Assessment of Automatic Controls, Dr Jonas Balderud, University of Strathclyde [528KB]
15:00 TEA / COFFEE
15:20 [Abstract] Human Factors in Alarm Management, Alan Jackson, HSE - Hazardous Installations Directorate [262KB]
15:55 Networking for Delegates
16:30 CLOSE

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