Introduction to Process Control

5 December 2007, CATCH Training Facility, Stallingborough


NOTE: This course has since been held and registration is now closed. We will be holding it again in the near future, so if you are interested in attending please contact us.

Meeting Description and Agenda

This one day course will provide process and chemical engineers with a practical appreciation of process control including how control works; the key components of a control loop; what makes control difficult and different control strategies. An understanding of how process design decisions effect control loop operation is vital to ensure the plant performs as well as it can.

The course material presents a practical perspective of process control, with real world examples. Whilst control can be treated very mathematically, this course contains very little and will augment what may have been provided in more academic courses. The course does not assume any prior knowledge of process control however a basic familiarity with the terms used in process plant control systems would allow delegates to maximise their benefit.


09:00 Welcome / Registration
09:15 Introduction to the Course
09:45 Elements of a Control System
11:00 Tea / Coffee
11:15 Process Dynamics
12:30 Lunch
13:30 What Makes Control Difficult
14:45 Tea / Coffee
15.00 Controller Operation and Tuning
16.15 Close

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