Technical Reports

Technical Reports provide a detailed theoretical description of specific advanced control techniques. These documents are written to be a concise and complete source of information that any engineer working in that particular field will find invaluable.

List of Technical Reports

The following is a list of Technical Reports produced by the ACTC. These are available to ACTC members free of charge Please contact us for more details.

  • Reconfigurable Control Strategies for Fault Tolerant Control:A Survey (TR21)
  • Carbon Emission Control in Coal-Fired Power Plants: Recent Developments (TR20)
  • Subspace Identification Methods (TR19)
  • A Design Methodology for Handling Parametric Uncertainty (TR18)
  • Design of l1 Optimal Controllers for Practical Problems: A Tutorial (TR14_v2)
  • Fibre Optics and their use in Field Trials Measurements (TR17)
  • Advances in Autotune Methods (TR16)
  • Comparison of the Design of a Marine Autopilot using H∞ Design and Quantitative Feedback Theory (TR15)
  • Applications of Fuzzy Logic Control (TR13)
  • Introduction to the Benefits of Controller with Several Degrees of Freedom and the Use of Feedforward Control (TR12)
  • Long Range Predictive Control: A Review (TR11)
  • An introduction to Neural Networks (TR10)
  • On the Performance of Generic Model Control (TR09)
  • Mathematical Notations and Glossary (TR08)
  • An Introduction to the Control of Non-linear Processes (ACT Report 7)
  • Introduction to Non-linear Self Tuning Control (ACT Report 6)
  • Weighting Functions in H∞ Control (ACT Report 5)
  • μ-Analysis and Synthesis (An overview of an Optimisation - Based Methodology for Multivariable Control Design) (ACT Report 4)
  • A Tutorial of Digital LQG and H∞ Self-Tuning Control for Industrial Applications (ACT Report3)
  • A Tutorial of Polynomial LQG/H∞ Optimal Control for Industrial Users (ACT Report 2)
  • Application of Expert Systems in Industrial control (ACT Report 1)