Control Fundamental Theory and Practice
24th to 26th March 2009, Glasgow

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This three-day course introduces the basic control engineering concepts in terms of Linear Systems Models, Classical Control Theory and Practical Aspects in Control. The course presents analysis of a linear control system in terms of stability and performance. In addition, Classical Control Method such as PID controller (including tuning methods), lead-lag and root locus are also covered. Significant hands-on examples are used to reinforce the lectures.

This is one of our most popular training courses. It is especially useful to those engineers who may not have had specific control theory teaching during their engineering education. It also provides an excellent refresher course in basic control engineering for practising engineers. As with all ACTC training courses discussions and questions will be encouraged.

Day 1: Linear Systems Models
09.30 Introduction to the Course - "The Need for Control"
10.00 Transfer Functions Representations of Linear Systems
10.45 State-space Representations of Linear Systems
11.30 Frequency Response Analysis (Bode, Nichols and Nyquist)
12.30 LUNCH
13.15 Hands-On Session: Introduction to Matlab/Simulink and Linear Systems Representation
14.30 Fundamentals of Modelling, System Identification and Simulation
15.45 Hands-On Session: Modelling for Controller Design
17.00 CLOSE
Day 2: Classical Control Design
09.00 Stability Analysis for Linear Systems
09.45 Hands-On Session: Stability Analysis
11.00 Control System Structures (The Concepts of Feedback and Feed-forward)
11.45 Fundamentals of Feedback Control Design (Performance, Stability & Disturbance Rejection)
12.45 LUNCH
13.30 Hands-On Session: Control Fundamentals
15.15 Frequency Domain Control Design (incl. Lead-Lag Compensation)
16.00 Hands-On Session: Frequency Domain Control Design
17.00 CLOSE
Day 3: Practical Aspects in Control
09.00 Feedback Control Design using Root Locus with Demonstration
10.00 PID Controller Design and Simple Tuning Methods
11.30 Hands-On Session: PID Control Design and Tuning
13.00 LUNCH
13.45 Implementation Issues and Time Delay Compensation
14.45 Discrete-Time Modelling and Control
15.45 Hands-On Session: Practical Aspects in Control
16.30 CLOSE