Wind Turbine and Wind Farm Training Course
11th - 13th September 2012, Glasgow

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The aim of this three-day training course is to consider the design of wind turbine control systems, methods to improve them both in terms of performance and reliability, and consider advanced methods for the control of wind farms. It will particularly focus on offshore wind farms where problems of robustness and reliability dominate. This course is intended to provide a tutorial introduction to the control and condition monitoring techniques involved and also an overview of the current state of the art in both wind turbines and wind farms.

The training course is to be organised by ISC Ltd., which is one of the leading partners in a European Union supported project AEOLUS on offshore wind farm control, and members of this project, will contribute to the event.

The level of the course will be introductory with demonstrations so that engineers appreciate the techniques described. It will also provide a tutorial overview of the research in wind turbine control systems aimed at improving energy capture, reducing breakdowns and limiting maintenance costs. The training course will provide hands-on simulation experience for tuning controllers and assessing performance. It will include industrial perspectives and new developments.

The wind farm training course will cover instrumentation, condition monitoring and fault diagnosis and there will be a review on the state of the art of the subject. It will include a demonstration overview of the research in offshore wind energy systems aimed at reducing breakdowns and limiting maintenance costs. Some of the new developments to be reported will be based upon that from European Union funded projects and particularly Aeolus which is concerned with reducing fatigue loading and power regulations in offshore wind farms.

Additional Information

Event Venue

The course will be held in the Mercure Glasgow City Hotel, 201 Ingram Street, Glasgow G1 1DQ

Special b&b rates available for attending delegates (limited rooms available)


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Day 1: Understanding Wind Turbine System and Control System
09.00 Welcome and Introduction to the Course, by Professor Mike J Grimble
09.10 Motivation and Need for Control System for Wind Turbine System
10.15 Modelling of Wind Turbine System
12.00 Hands-On Session: Modelling of Wind Turbine System
13.00 LUNCH
13.45 Wind Turbine Operation and Feedback Control Loops
15.30 Linearisation of Nonlinear Wind Turbine System
16.15 Hands-On Session: Linearisation of Nonlinear Wind Turbine System
17.00 CLOSE
Day 2: Classical and Advanced Control of Wind Turbine System
09.00 Principal of PID Control Law Design and Tuning for Regulating Loops
10.45 Implementation Issues of Classical or PID Controllers
11.45 Hands-On Session: Designs of PID Controller for Wind Turbine System
13.00 LUNCH
13.45 Overview of the Use of Classical Control Design in Wind Turbine Application
15.00 Introduction to Optimal Control Design Methods for Wind Turbine Controls
16.00 Hands-On Session: Optimal Control Design Methods for Wind Turbine System
17.00 CLOSE
Day 3: Offshore and Onshore Wind Farm Control
09.00 Introduction to the General problem of Wind Farm Modelling and Control
10.30 Introduction to Predictive Control Design Methods (for use in Wind Farm control)
11.00 Application of Classical and Advanced Supervisory Predictive Control for Wind farms
12.00 LUNCH
13.00 Demonstrations of Predictive Supervisory Control for Wind Farms and Improvements to Performance and Reliability Discussion farms
14.00 Overview of Other Advanced Control Methods for Wind Turbines and Wind Farms
15.15 New Condition Monitoring Methods for Wind Farms
16.00 Fatigue and Loading in Offshore Wind Farms and the Results of the EU AEOLUS Project (including summary of talk Project Leader Professor Thomas Bak, Aalborg) given by Prof Mike Grimble.
16.45 Discussion
17.15 CLOSE