About ACTC

How the ACTC Operates

Since its inception by the DTI in 1990, the Applied Control Technology Consortium (ACTC) has been an organisation which caters for companies who pursue a vigorous policy of acquiring and applying the very latest technologies.

The ACTC is wholly owned and managed by Industrial Systems and Control Ltd., with close ties to the Industrial Control Centre at Strathclyde University.

Having been established with initial funding from the DTI, the ACTC has been completely self-financing since 1993.

Membership has remained around 30 companies, covering a wide range of industries such as BP, Ford, Boeing, BAE Systems, General Electric and GlaxoSmithKline. This success in meeting the expectations and needs of the members can be attributed to the ACTC management which ensures that it is run solely for the advancement of the members. This is achieved through a Steering Committee, made up of representatives from the member companies, which ensures that the ACTC is responsive and provides industrially relevant technology.

Regular meetings and mailing allow all member companies to be kept abreast of new developments and providing an industrial forum for the exchange of ideas.

Full details about the specific ACTC services and activities can be found here, or by downloading the following brochures and presentations:

Membership Costs

UK Annual membership costs £14000+VAT per annum. USA Annual membership costs $23000 per annum (subject to prevailing exchange rate).

For requested visits to ACTC member sites travel and living costs will be charged (with prior agreement) at cost.