The Advanced Control Technology Club 
Seminar on New Directions in the Monitoring and Control of Food Manufacturing Processes

Organised by the London Centre of Technology Transfer and ACT Club

To be held at Omron Electronics Ltd, London, 30th September 1999


This event is the first to be organised by the London Centre for Technology Transfer, and it is being hosted by one of our newest members, Omron Electronics Ltd., in North London. The aim of the meeting is to present recent developments in monitoring and control in food production processes. Particular emphasis will be paid to systems for rapid and intelligent responses to quality problems.

The meeting will include:

The seminar will be of value to attendees from large and small food producers, as well as suppliers of systems and equipment to the food industry. Attendance is free and open to non-ACT members but registration is required. The number of places is limited so please register as soon as possible.

This event is being kindly supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries (MAFF).

The agenda is as follows:

9.45-9.50  Welcome to Omron, Clive Lattimer, Managing Director, Omron Electronics Ltd.
9.50-10.15  The London Centre and the ACT Club, What They Offer to the Food Industry, Prof Ron Leigh, London Centre for Technology Transfer and, Mr Andy Clegg, ACT Club
10.15-10.40  Overview of Current Developments and Priorities in UK Food Manufacturing, Prof Leo Pyle, University of Reading
10.40-11.05  Overview of Relevant Ongoing Research, Prof Ron Leigh, London Centre for Technology Transfer
11.05-11.30  Relevant Ongoing Projects at Omron Electronics
11.30-12.00  Tour of Atrium (Posters and Demonstrations)
12.10-13.10  LUNCH
13.10-13.20  Possibilities for the Funding of Collaborative Projects from Maff, Dr Christina Goodacre, MAFF
13.20-14.20  Current Developments at Major Food Producers, Prof Leo Pyle, University of Reading and Industrial speakers
14.20-15.20  Examples of Innovative Developments Applicable to the Food Industry
  • Professor Greyham Bryant, Imperial College
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Mark Graves
  • Digital quantisation of colour, Dr Geoffrey Attridge, University of Westminster
15.20-16.30  Discussion and Round-up
16.30  Formal Close/Informal Discussion Continues

Additional Information:

Omron Electronics Ltd
1 Apsley Way
Staples Corner
Telephone: +44 (0)181 450 4646
Fax: +44 (0)181 450 8087

Click here for a map showing how to reach Omron Electonics by road.


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