On-Site Training

Our on-site courses represent the most comprehensive available in the field of control engineering and can be focused on particular requirements of the client company.

The courses can be used as refresher courses for your engineers, or to bring a team up to speed on new or advanced techniques. In addition the courses can be aimed at technician to research engineer level.

Individual modules from different courses can be mixed to form a client specific course. Additionally, courses can be customised so that the material targets a particular area. Alternatively examples can be used that have relevance to the trainees' industry/business. You can find some of the tailored courses we have delivered to the members here.

Introductory Courses
Control Fundamentals Theory and Practise Info Agenda
Engineering Mathematics Info Agenda
Overview of Modern Control Info Agenda
Introduction to MATLAB/Simulink Info Agenda
Introduction to LabVIEW and Control Design/Simulation Toolkit Info Agenda
Fundamentals of Dynamic Control using LabVIEW Info Agenda
Introduction to Process Control Info Agenda